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Learning The Blues Scale on Ukulele

Learn the Blues ( Minor Pentatonic ) and Pentatonic ( Major Pentatonic ) scales on ukulele.

A practical approach to learning theses two essential scales using the Blues scale.

Scales like chords, are typically learned as shapes using chord grids, TAB or any number of methods. They show a fingerboard shape, what strings to play and possibly the fingers that are used to play the scale. But what are the names of the notes? What chords can I use them with? You are usually left to fend for yourself.

The five note Major Pentatonic and Blues or Minor Pentatonic scales are two of the most common scales used in contemporary music. This lesson focuses on the blues scale in the common key of D.

NOTE: The A Blues scale will work with-over the QuickStart Blues and Aeolian tracks as they are in the key of A and Am.

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Learning The Blues Scale on Ukulele

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Learning The Blues Scale on Ukulele


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