Gerald Ross's Recording Setup

Here is the recording setup that Lyle Ritz and Gerald Ross has used to record ukulele CDs.

Gerald Ross

Gerald Ross

UkeTone Records
P.O. Box 3245
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106


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from the Gerald Ross web site

I began playing guitar at the age of fourteen, but my first musical instrument was a plastic recorder (song flute) that my brother gave to me. I would play along with records or with the music on the radio. I never thought about what I was doing I just played what sounded right to me. It must have sounded pretty good because my brothers would have me perform for their friends. They would turn on the radio and I would immediately be able to play along with whatever song they found. I also played the musical instruments that my three brothers would bring home from their school music lessons, a trumpet, a violin and a snare drum. My brothers quickly tired of their music lessons but during those few short months the instruments were in the house I had a wonderful time making sounds and attempting to make music with these instruments.


Gerald Ross on Recording Ukulele

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One of the industry standards is ProTools by DigiDesign. Some advantages...

  1. ProTools files can be read by most professional studios for final mastering.
  2. Many instructional books and large user community.
  3. Very powerful editing capabilities.
  4. ProTools offers a free version online.
  5. Many community colleges offer classes in ProTools.

Disadvantages... somewhat long learning curve.

I recorded my entire 'Ukulele Stomp' CD using ProTools. I took my raw tunes to a professional studio for final mastering. I like it.

I used an Audio-Technica Pro 37 microphone to record both my uke CD's "Ukulele Stomp" and "Moonlight And Shadows".

Ukulele Stomp

Instrumental Swing, Blues, Pop, Latin and Hawaiian music arranged for the ukulele. Solo uke, ukulele duets, and full band arrangements.

Moonlight and Shadows

An eclectic collection of instrumental favorites.

Swing, Blues, Pop, Latin and South Sea flavored selections performed on the Ukulele and Hawaiian Steel guitar. Solo ukulele, uke/steel duets and full band arrangements!


Lyle Ritz’s Recording Setup

Lyle Ritz

Lyle Ritz

Portland,** Oregon**


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from the Lyle Ritz web site

( In the studio with Ray CharlesLyle Ritz (born January 10, 1930 in Cleveland, Ohio) is an American jazz ukulele musician who was a key part of the Hawaii ukulele genre. As part of the The Wrecking Crew, Ritz contributed to many American pop hits from the mid 1960s to the early 1980s. He was inducted to the Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum in 2007 and the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in 2007.

Lyle Recorded No Frills with:


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