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I'll Remember April

I'll Remember April was written by Gene de Paul with the lyrics by Patricia Johnston and Don Raye. The song was published in 1942. It was once sung by Judy Garland. The song debuted in the 1942 Abbott and Costello comedy Ride 'Em Cowboy, sung by Dick Foran.

( From www.jazzstandards.com ) - As a jazz standard, I'll Remember April first appeared in a rather unlikely performance. Dick Foran introduced the song in the 1942 Abbott and Costello comedy Ride 'Em Cowboy. The action takes place on a dude ranch where peanut/hotdog vendors Abbott and Costello are pretending to be cowboys. Portraying an author of westerns, Foran croons the song to the ranch owner's daughter, played by Anne Gwynne. As one critic declared, "For a few brief minutes, I'll Remember April was an oasis of sanity in the madness."ť

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I’ll Remember April, Solo Ukulele Arrangement - Key of G

Solo ukulele arrangement from the How About Jazz Ukulele CD by Curt Sheller.

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